About Us.

The company K&K Design is developing and manufacturing handmade exclusive Handmade silicone molds for making candles, resin art, soap and gypsum figurines, in Poland Europe. Shipping is worldwide.

The list includes our author’s, unique models sculptured in ZBrush (digital). We are created exclusive models which we are using for making handmade silicone molds. Also you may find  popular digital models from markets. All models are resin printed.

Our author’s design models under License:
©Editorial License for silicone molds – only for personal use, not for copy or sale! The design of the silicone molds is under the copyright of the company K&K Design.
©Royalty Free License for making candles, resin, soap from our author’s molds.
You can sell products made with molds bought from us, but you cannot copy the mold and resell it.

All of our products are manufactured from soft, flexible silicone of high quality certification in EU. All our molds are made via a vacuum, they have no bubbles, flexible, durable, odorless. Our molds withstand hundreds of pourings and will serve you for years.

With our passion for design and cutting-edge techniques, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience.

Browse our collection of top-notch silicone molds and take your creations to
the next level.

Please enjoy of our silicone molds and we will do the best for that.

Sincerely with love,
team of the store Polmoldart

Company K&K Design
NIP 5242803047; REGON 364647768

Address: ul.Szafirowa 27
Chotomów, Poland 05-123

NOTE: Intellectual property rights

We design and manufacture all of our products. We assert our moral and intellectual rights over the original artworks embodied in these products. We allow the use of the products by hobbyists and small scale artisanal enterprises. We do not confer any rights in the sale of our products for third parties to reproduce the item by any form of copying for sale either as a mould or for any other purpose. You can make and sell any products made using our molds made by us, but copying the mold itself is prohibited!

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