Female 12cm Transgender 3D Silicone Mold



The size: 12cm of height

There is a unique 3D silicone mold for making candles, resin art, soap. Exclusive.
The design was made by our designer.
Copyright ┬ępolmoldart.eu
You can make and sell any products made using this mold, but you can’t copy and sell the mold!

Our 3D Silicone mold of perfect quality. It will last for years.
This mold comes with 1-2 cuts for an easy release, it’s not broken. We place the cuts in the most convenient place. Use rubber bands to secure it (included into your order), wrap around the mold to hold the slit closed so the resin/wax/soap/gypsum doesn’t leak out. Use more rubber bands as you feel needed.

Material : Silicone
Made in Poland (Europe)